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Lebanon Car Rental

In order to make the travelers' visit as comfortable as possible, we have decided to take a look upon the car rental industry since transportation is a major concern for every traveler.

Lebanon car hireCars are one of the most important factors in a Lebanese society and therefore, car rental companies in Lebanon are highly dedicated to supply the sportiest, most luxurious and shiniest rented cars ever seen. For instance, in order to rent a Mercedes in Beirut, all you need to is to drop a call. Surprisingly, the car will be delivered in no time and ready to be driven in exchange of a signed cheque or credit card. In order to make your transportation servicing as easy as it can get, every passenger coming off the plane is introduced to several car rental companies which purpose is to present its services of car rental in Beirut Airport or, if needed, hiring a driver in Beirut or other major cities of Lebanon. Therefore, your rent Mercedes in Beirut is totally allowed to be driven in Jounieh, Tripoli, Zahle and Baalbeck or even to the South of Lebanon (Sidon, Tyre). It is always preferred to book in advance because several car types become unavailable during busy periods.
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Driver for 8 hours US$40/day
Ski rack US$20/day

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To pick up a rental car from Beirut Airport has never been easier; the great warmth and professional behavior that Lebanese companies offer are an extra value to the discount car rental features and to the large variety of cars for rent in Lebanon; depending on your budget, you can rent a car for 25$ a day (drive a small KIA or rent a Hyundai) but prices are expected to arise when you want to rent a Mercedes S-Class, rent a BMW 5-series or 7-series, to rent a Range Rover or even to rent a Porsche, Ferrari as well as any exotic car that you might desire. For family purposes, car rental in Lebanon is also set to deliver the best choices of 4x4 vehicles, SUVs and SUTs. Do you want to rent a luxury car like the Infinity or like to rent a Hummer in Lebanon? All you will have to do is to walk towards a car rental firm and rent a car that you think will be totally fulfilling your desires and needs.

As a marketing strategy of expansion, the biggest firms of car rental in Beirut have founded and located their offices within the Airport of Beirut; a passenger who is used to dealing with Advantage, Sixt or Lerecom can easily access its favorite car rental organization and start enjoying the vacation. In a matter of minutes, the vacationer will manage to pickup a rented car in Beirut and be able to visit every corner of Lebanon with absolutely no restrictions and distance limitation.

How does Geography affect your car rentals in Beirut? Due to the nature and geographical aspects of Lebanon, a devoted employee explains to every tourist, the needed and required options to consider before signing the car rental in Beirut Airport or from any located car rental office in Lebanon. For visitors with the aim of touring the whole Lebanese territory, we advice you to rent a luxury car in Lebanon for it is comfortable and capable of reaching high delivered power. The reason behind driving similar cars (BMW, Mercedes, Infinity, Range Rover, Porsche Cayenne) is due to the nature of the roads, bumpy and ascending. Unless you are planning to rent a car in Beirut and visit Sidon or any other coast cities, we suggest you pickup an SUV car in order to overcome the difficulty caused by mountain roads and bouncy surfaces.

How does PRESTIGE affect your rental car in Lebanon? For the fact that Lebanon is a nation where prestige and appearances play a focal role, visitors tend to rent a car in Beirut for the purpose of belongingness into the society of Lebanese people that pays a major role for the type of car driven before anything else. As known, you are what you drive! For instance, if you rent a BMW in Beirut, it will give the impression of a sporty tourist especially if the car rental indicted a BMW M5 or M6; on the other hand, prestige will absolutely reach its peak when you rent a Mercedes in Beirut especially if its tag is: SL. Prestige can also affect families coming to visit Lebanon and that is why car rental companies have supplied a number of esteem vehicles reserved for groups; ever since you step into the Lebanese territory, you are able to rent a 2009 Porsche Cayenne or rent a Hummer H3 with the best prices before joining a community that worships God first, and cars second.

How does Price affect your car rental in Lebanon? Despite the fact that Lebanon is one of the most expensive nations, it is highly recommended for tourism and entertainment, especially for it is the only country in the Middle East to have swimming beaches and Skiing resorts with a time margin of 30 minutes to step off a mountain area towards a coastal space. For visitors with limited budgets, fuel consumption is essential and to rent a Hyundai or a Kia for the price of 25$ a day is efficient for a good but slow tour in Lebanon. For tourists with the capability of spending and enjoying more, renting a classy car or a shiny SUV will be no problem especially if it costs around 100$ or 150$ a day. After all, you are renting a Porsche or renting a BMW X6 and the HASSLE IS WORTH THE TASSLE!!

How to pick a car rental in Beirut? Almost all the multi-national firms specialized in car rental are located in Lebanon; reputed rental cars in Beirut are Sixt, Advantage, Lerecom rent a car, Option car rental, Avis car rental, Hertz, Thrifty rental car, Budget, Europcar and are further more joined by hundreds of local small businesses, dedicated to car rental and hiring drivers in Lebanon. However, there are plenty of local car rental in Beirut who would still have available cars when all the international firms become our of stock. For example, if Thrifty runs out of cars, and a new customer gets online with a request for a car rental, the major and reputable firm will definitely not admit the fact that it has zero cars in the garage but will tend to call a small business (in the car rental industry) in order to acquire a car for its customer. It is that type of direct customer support that prevents a customer from walking towards Hertz, Advantage or any other competitor's car rental company.

What types of cars are supplied by cars rental firms? Car rental in Beirut offer you the chance and ability to: Rent a Renault, Rent a Nissan, Rent a Peugeot, Rent a Citroen, Rent a Toyota, Rent a Seat, Rent a BMW, Rent a Mercedes, Rent a Porsche, Rent a Hummer, Rent a Range Rover, Rent a Lexus, Rent a Honda, Rent a Hyundai, Rent an Audi, Rent an infinity, Rent a GMC and much more.

Conclusion: Either you are coming on a business trip or for a vacation; we would definitely welcome you with all what our culture beholds from the excess of generosity, hospitality and servicing. Although we are widely known for our exceptional cuisine and marvelous landscapes, allow us to drive you into the world of car rental services and show you how easy and equitable it is for you to rent a luxury car in the nation of good-hearted wealth.
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