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Maps of Lebanon

You want to see the map of Lebanon ? Libanon Karta ? La carte du Liban ?

Lebanon map by Lebanon Hotels

How to Check Lebanon from a satellite? Or do you want to see the Intercontinental Phoenicia Beirut Hotel from the skies ? Click on Google Satellite map helps you find Lebanon from the space This page is sponsored by flowers Beirut, providing a delivery service all over Beirut and Lebanon.


Lebanon Latitude/Longitude (Capital City)

33º 52' N, 35º 30' E
Coastline 140 miles (225 km)
Land: 3,970 sq miles (10,282 sq km)
Water 65 sq miles (170 sq km)
TOTAL 4,015 sq miles 10,452 sq km
Highest Point Qurnat as Sawda' (Kornet El Sawda) -10,128 ft (3,087 m)
Lowest Point is the Mediterranean Sea - (0 ft.) (0 m)

Lebanon Geography

The Bekaa valley divide Lebanon into 2 mountains chain, east and west. The coast faces the great Mediterranean Sea.

The Lebanese Mountains are central and west, while the Anit-Lebanon Mountains stretch across its eastern border with Syria. Over a dozen minor rivers flow from the mountains, with the Litani, Al Assi, Dog river ( Nahr al Kaleb) the most significant, as it irrigates the heart of the fertile Bekaa Valley, and some other Lebanese villages.

Land Divisions into 6 governorates, including: Beyrouth or Beirut, Beqaa, North Lebanon, South Lebanon, Mont Liban and Nabatiyeh.

Lebanon Location

Lebanon is in both the northern and eastern hemispheres. It's positioned in the Middle East, a recognized geographical region of southwestern Asia, and bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, and the countries of Syria from its eastern side and Israel and Palestine from its southern side.
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