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  Monte Bello
  Motel Al Sayad
  Aqualand Hotel and Resort
  Batroun Village Club
  Douma Hotel
  San Stephano Resort
  Albergo Hotel
  Arjaan Rotana Hotel
  Assaha Village
  Bayview Hotel
  Bella Riva Suite Hotel
  Casa d'Or Hotel
  Charles Hotel
  City Suite Hotel
  Coral Beach Beirut
  Coral Beach Suite
  Coral Suites Hotel
  Crowne Plaza Hotel
  Dolphin Royal Suites
  Elysee Residence
  Etoile Suites
  Ewa Apartment
  Four Points by Sheraton Le Verdun
  Four Seasons
  Gefinor Rotana Hotel
  Golden Tulip Galleria Hotel
  Golden Tulip Hotel De Ville
  Golden Tulip Serenada Hotel
  Hotel Cavalier
  InterContinental Phoenicia Beirut
  Kings Suites Hotel
  La Maison de Hamra
  Lancaster Suites
  Lavender Home
  Le Bristol
  Le Commodore Hotel
  Le Duroy Hotel
  Le Gray
  Legend Hotel
  Markazia Suites
  Metropolitan Palace Beirut
  Midtown Hotel and Suites
  Monroe Hotel
  Movenpick Hotel & Resort Beirut
  Napoleon Hotel
  Napoli Hotel
  Nouveau hotel du Liban
  Orient Queen Homes
  Padova Hotel
  Phoenix Hotel
  Port View Hotel
  Queens Suite Hotel
  Radisson BLU Martinez Hotel
  Radisson Blu Verdun
  Ramada Downtown Beirut
  Ramada Plaza Beirut
  Riviera Hotel
  Saifi Suites
  Sky Suites Hotel
  Takaya Hotel
  Tam Tam et Pomme de Pin
  The Cosmopolitan Hotel
  The Lancaster
  The Living Beirut Homes Sodeco
  The Mayflower Hotel
  The Parisian Hotel
  Verdun Suites Hotel
  Vie Boutique Hotel
  Warwick Palm Beach Hotel
  WH Hotel
  White House Suites
Beit Mery
  Hotel Al Bustan
  Beit El Kroum Boutique Hotel
  Chtaura Park Hotel
  Cristal Grand Hotel Kadri
  Domaine Al Rachid Guesthouse
  Hotel La Memoire
  Massabki Hotel - Chtaura
  Monte Alberto Hotel
  Taanayel Ecolodge
  West Bekaa Country Club
  El Sheikh Hotel Bhamdoun
  Grand Hills Hotel and Spa
  Grant Furnished Apartments
  Le Crillon Hotel
  Printania Palace Hotel
Byblos (Jbeil)
  Aleph Boutique Hotel
  Byblos Comfort Hotel
  Byblos Sur Mer
  Canari de Byblos
  Castel Mare Beach Hotel & Resort
  Edde Sands Hotel and Wellness Resort
  Hotel Ahiram
  Lunasol Bungalows
  Monoberge Byblos
  Victory Byblos Hotel and Spa
Cedars and Bcharreh
  Bauhaus Pension Apartments and Chalets
  Cedars Chalets
  Cedars Palace
  Cedrium Hotel
  Cedrus Chalets
  Cedrus Hotel
  Hotel Chbat
  Hotel Saint Bernard
  La Cabane
  Le Notre Ski Resort
  Mon Refuge Hotel and Chalets
  Florida Beach Hotel & Resort
  Boustany GuestHouse
  Deir Al Oumara
  Mir Amin Palace Hotel
  Rawa2 Village
  Kingdom Suite Hotel
  Le Royal - Beirut
  Louis V Hotel
  Ehden Country Club
  Hotel Ehden
  Auberge Le Valais
  Chateau D'Eau Hotel
  Faraya Moonset Chalets
  Faraya Village Club
  Soulouge Chalets
  The Lodge Inn Faraya
  Triple Jay Faraya Chalets
  Country Lodge Suites
  Liqaa Center
  Suite Hotel
  Blue Jay Valley
  Iris Flower
  L'Etoile Du Loup
  Golden Tulip Jiyeh Marina Resort
  Bay Lodge Hotel
  Bel Azur Hotel
  Century Park Hotel
  Damaskrose Lebanese Guest House
  Heaven Hotel
  Holiday Suites Hotel and Resort
  Hollywood Inn Boutique Hotel
  Hotel High Season
  Jounieh Suites
  Lagace Hotel
  Madisson Hotel
  Portaluna Hotel
  Portemilio Hotel & Resort
  Princessa Hotel
  Queens Land Hotel
  Regency Palace Hotel
  Reston Hotel
  Rimal Beach Chalet
  Rivoli Palace
  Saframarine Chalets
  Siena Hotel
  Sun Hills Suites Hotel
  Sunrise Hotel
  Veer Boutique Hotel and resort
  Yasmeen Suite Hotel
  Zora Residence
  Shangri-La Hotel
  Wood Hills Hotel and Resort
Metn Mountains
  Dhour Choueir OneToOne
  Grand Hotel Naas
  Pineland Hotel and Resort
Mzaar Kfardebian
  Auberge Suisse Inn
  Etoile Du Mzaar Chalets
  Friends'In Chalets
  Gio Hotel
  Hotel Eleven
  Hotel Hors Piste
  InterContinental Mzaar Hotel and Spa
  L'Auberge de Faqra Hotel
  L'Escale du Mzaar Chalets
  Merab Deluxe Suites
  Merab Hotel
  Mzaar Sport Chalets
  Residence des Alpes
  San Antonio Hotel
  San Jose Chalets
  Terre Brune
  Urban Faqra
  Al Qualaa Hotel
  Yacoub Hotel
  Le Chateau des Oliviers-Villa Nadia
  Pension Al Koura
  Quality Inn Hotel
  Al-Fanar Restaurant & Auberge
  Platinum Hotel
  Rest House Hotel & Resort
  Le Grand Chalet

All Hotels near Tripoli in Lebanon

Tripoli is 82 Km from Beirut with an altitude of 175 m. Known as the capital of the North, Tripoli is Lebanon’s second largest city. Its historical wealth, relaxed lifestyle, and thriving business climate make it a city where modern and medieval blend easily into a lively and hospitable metropolis. The Greeks called the city Tripolis, meaning “three cities” (Sidon, Tyre and Arados), whereas the Phoenicians called it Ather or Tour Bil, meaning “the Mountain of God Bil”.

Forty-five buildings in Tripoli, many dating from 14th century, have been registered as historical sites. Twelve mosques from Mamluke and Ottoman times have survived, along with an equal number of madrassas or theological schools. Secular buildings include the hammams or bathing-houses, which followed the classical pattern or Roman-Byzantine baths, and the khan or caravansary. The souks, together with the khans, form an agglomeration of various trades where tailors, jewelers, perfumers, tanners, and soap-makers work in surroundings that have changed very little over the last 500 years.

Habitation of the site of Tripoli goes back to at least the 14th century B.C., but it wasn’t until about the 9th century B.C. that the Phoenicians established a small trading station there. Later, under the Persians, it was home to a confederation of the Phoenician city states of Sidon, Tyre and Arados Island. Built on the trade and invasion route near the Abu Ali River, Tripoli’s strategic position was enhanced by offshore islands, natural ports, and access to the interior.

Under the successors of Alexander the Great during the Hellenistic period, Tripoli was used as a naval shipyard. There is also evidence that it enjoyed a period of autonomy at the end of the Seleucid era. Under Roman rule, starting with the takeover of the area by Pompey in 64-63 B.C., the city flourished, and during this period the Romans built several monuments here. The Byzantine city of Tripoli, which by then extended further to the South, was destroyed, along with other Mediterranean coastal cities, by an earthquake and tidal wave in 551 A.D.

After 635 A.D., Tripoli became a commercial and shipbuilding center under the Umayyads. It achieved semi-independence under the Fatimid Dynasty, when it developed into a center of learning. At the beginning of the 12th century, the Crusaders laid siege to the city, finally entering it in 1109. the conquest caused extensive destruction, including the burning of Tripoli’s famous library, the Dar Al-L’ilm , with its thousands of volumes. During the Crusaders’ 180-year rule, the city was the capital of the County of Tripoli. However, Crusader Tripoli fell in 1289 to the victorious Mamluke Sultan Qalaoun, who ordered the destruction of the old port city (today Al-Mina) and the construction of a new inland city near the old castle. It was at this time that numerous religious and secular buildings were erected, many of which still survive today.

 Tripoli has a special character on its own thanks to its historical wealth, relaxed lifestyle and thriving business climate. It is a city where modern and medieval blend easily into a lively and hospitable metropolis. The city holds the Fortress of Saint Gilles (Sinjil), built early 12th BC. The castle was remodeled by the Mamluks and Ottomans later. Several Muslim monuments such as the Great Mosque and the Mosque of Taynal (built using elements from ancient and Crusader monuments) are still preserved in Tripoli. It also has khans (caravansary), souks (bazaars), and the famous Assiba Tower which was built by Mamluks in the 15th BC.


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